Eye Care In Brickell


Florida Eye Care Association is the leading provider of all eye care solutions including contact lens fittings, brand name glasses, eye examinations for adults and children as well as advanced eye health testing.

Glasses in Brickell

We have a large dispensary with the latest styles, frames and features. Whether you’re looking for the latest Gucci or Armani sunglasses or prescription glasses that have UV, smudge and scratch resistant coatings, we have got what you need. All of our glasses and contact lenses are available at competitive prices and we offer the highest level of customer service.

Optical solutions for your eye health

Our experienced ophthalmic experts are experienced, helpful and ready to treat any eye related issue you may be experiencing. We offer all types of examimantions, everything from preventative screenings for computer vision syndrome and glaucoma eye exams to state-of-the-art solutions to test for diabetic eye related challenges, glaucoma, red eye and dry eye syndrome. If you have blurred vision, irritated eyes or simply want a routine eye exam from a professional, then call us today.

Florida Eye Care Association’s optometrists have the the highest level of training and we pride ourselves on caring for our patients for decades not just for a visit. After you have visited us, we will discuss your results and provide you with a strategic plan of action to ensure you know how best to care for your vision. We also strive to provide cost-effective solutions. We accept many of the leading insurances, including VSP, Eyemed Providers, Medicare, Medicaid, Optum, Healthease, Staywell, Careplus, Sunshine and many more. Contact us for an appointment today.

Eyes on Brickell Optical Boutique can also make your glasses within an hour,  depending on your insurance plan and your glasses prescription.   Contact our office today at 305-914-0294 for an appointment.