• Complete Your Halloween Costume With These Spexy +Shady Eyeglasses


    Halloween is right around the corner. You may have purchased your favorite Halloween costumes and planned everything to make your Halloween night unforgettable.

    But what about the accessories? Besides a cool and spooky wig and mask, you may also need a pair of spectacular glasses to match to your look and personality.

    Can’t decide on an eyeglass? You’re in luck because we have a wide variety of hottest and designer Eyewear Miami you need to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. With our list of suggestions, choosing the right pair of sepxy+shady eyeglasses will not be a tough task.

    Glasses can actually make an amazing pop. They have the unique ability to transform your mind-numbing costume into a mind-blowing one. There are a lot of famous people who are identified due to their glasses. So why not give these outfits a go?

    Flat top round eyeglasses

    As one of the trendy eyewear Miami options, these flat top round eyeglasses are a perfect way to finish off your Halloween outfit. These will give you a cool and sophisticated look, also a terrifying appearance when you come up with dismaying makeup. Whether you’re wearing a super-hero costume or planning to give a witch or devil touch to your appearance, these eyeglasses keep the compliments coming in.

    Circular Eyeglasses

    If you are looking to buy a high-quality circular glasses Miami for 31st October, choosing this frame shape can be a great idea. Available in a variety of style, design and color options, you can buy them one-of-a-kind. Though there are a plethora of options, you can portray the character of Harry Potter or Professor Trelawney by wearing these eyeglasses. Although, you could try something different this year, like Dwight Kurt from The Office or Milhouse from The Simpsons.

    Rectangular Eyeglasses

    We all love brainy-babe Velma from Scooby Doo. If you want to look like her this Halloween and portray as the brains of the group, it’s a great idea to pair them with a baggy orange turtleneck, a pleated red skirt, and knee-high socks and some red heels. Since these eyeglasses are available in a variety of colors and styles, you can customize your Scooby Doo look this Halloween.

    Aviator and Wayfarer Eyeglasses

    For the guys, you can rock the geeky vibe with Napoleon Dynamite and Urkel from Family Matters. If you want to bring the best out of your look and want to be loved by everyone this Halloween, make sure to pair them with printed shirt, half-sleeve sweater, some wacky suspenders, or white t-shirt, some jeans and smart shoes, and you’re ready to rock the stage.

    So, these are some of the many eyeglasses’ types you can think of wearing this Halloween. Do you want to be like your favorite character this Halloween? Don’t fret! Dress like your favorite TV and movie character this Halloween by buying designer and branded eyeglasses from Eyes On Brickell. We have a wide range of cool and beautiful eyeglasses to complete your look and make your Halloween even more wonderful.

  • Understanding Vision Insurance And Its Advantages

    The cost of general eye exams and prescription eyewear is increasing day-by-day.  It can be of real concern, especially for large families. It is important to understand that a vision insurance policy is entirely different from a health insurance policy.

    A regular health insurance plan is designed to protect you against financial losses that may occur due to accidents or serious health conditions, whereas a vision insurance policy is a wellness benefit that is designed to provide a plethora of eye care services such as eye exams, prescription eyewear, and other vision related issues at a minimum price.

    The vision insurance plan can be categorized into two parts, i.e. Individual vision insurance plan and Group vision insurance plan. It is vital for a person to get an individual vision insurance plan that has low vision or have a history of eye related issues in his or her family. It is also of great benefit for the individuals who wear eyeglasses or contacts.

    If two or more members in your family are suffering from vision related issues, then you must apply for a group vision insurance plan. This will help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars every year while ensuring that you can get the best care possible for your vision problems.

    All of the insurance policies available today are not alike. Different insurance plans provide different kinds of benefits. The common insurance plans include your yearly visits to the optometrist, general eye exams and a fraction of the cost of your eyewear.

    Some vision insurance plans also include surgical procedures such as LASIK, Glaucoma and Cataract operations. The actual cost of these operations is several thousand dollars, but an insurance plan can significantly cut the costs to hundreds.

    Everyone today needs a comprehensive health care plan and vision insurance is an important part of it. Consider your needs to figure out whether it will be beneficial for you or not.



  • Why Are Eye Exams Important?

    When people think about their health, they often take their eyes for granted. Yet they are the most sensitive organs of our body, they need utmost care and attention. Even if there are a wide variety of ways to maintain a healthy vision, but the one of the best things to ensure the well-being of your eyes is a regular eye exam. The eye specialists recommend having eye exams at least twice a year to keep your vision sharp and strong.

    Eye problems can happen to anyone at any age. So, if it’s been a year or so that you haven’t seen an eye doctor, schedule an appointment with the best eye doctor Miami as soon as possible.  Now let us discuss about some of the things that your doctor will check during the examination:

    Refractive Error- First of all, your doctor will look for any refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These are the common eye problems, which can be corrected with the use of contact lenses and prescription glasses Brickell.

    Amblyopia- Amblyopia, also called lazy eye is a condition where the eye is anatomically normal, but the eyesight is abnormal because the brain and the eye are unable to work together properly. The very first step to correct amblyopic eye is eye patching.

    Diabetes- It can lead to complete vision loss. The individuals suffering from this disease are strongly advised to go to eye doctor Brickell to have an eye exam to check for diabetic retinopathy.

    Your eyes are the gateway to your soul. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep them in good health.

    Eyes On Brickell is a leading optical boutique in Miami that offers a diverse range of eye care services. Feel free to talk to us if you are experiencing any symptoms of eye problems.




  • Wear the right Sports Sunglasses to increase your performance

    Sporting is a favorite pass time of many people all over the world. Needless to say, most of the sports activities are performed outdoors. If you are passionate about sports and not wearing sports sunglasses while performing the activities, then perhaps you don’t know the benefits of wearing proper sports sunglasses. Many people don’t mind wearing the same sunglasses for playing basketball, cycling or even while chilling out on the beach. But, you need to understand that you can increase your performance three times by having dedicated sports sunglasses.

    No matter you are a neophyte or a veteran, having right type of sports sunglasses is vital to your performance and your health as well. There are different types of sunglasses available in the market to suit your style depending upon the type of sport you take part in. Here are some tips that will help you select the right sports sunglasses for you:

    • Sunglasses should be bought depending upon the time of the day you will be cycling, running or fishing. If you prefer performing these activities during the daytime, then your glasses will be different from those who prefer performing activities in the afternoon.
    • You must look for UV protection sunglasses. Even if there is no scorching sunlight, your eyes are still at risk. Make sure that the sunglasses you are buying must offer the right levels of protection.
    • There are different types of lenses for different weather conditions. Sometimes, you will need a yellow lens or other times you will need a red lens depending upon the weather or your sport. If you don’t have time to change the lens, then it’s better to have polarized lenses.
    • Polarized lenses change automatically according to the weather conditions. This is because a special kind of film is inserted into these lenses at the time of manufacturing that reflects more light than an average lens allowing you to have a wide field of vision.
    • Apart from buying trendy sports sunglasses, make sure that they must be comfortable to your eyes and especially to your nose. Avoid buying unbranded eyeglasses as they will hurt your nose badly and you won’t be able to use your glasses for a couple of days or even weeks.
    • If you already have a pair of branded sports sunglasses, then it is suggested to replace the normal lenses with the polarized ones to see a difference in your performance.

    Eyes on Brickell is a Florida’s leading optical boutique that is dedicated to providing high quality eyewear that you need to perform your best in the every sphere of your life. Schedule your appointment today!

  • Eye Infections, Red Eyes, Contacts lenses, Eye exams, Brickell

    The problems that come with contact lens abusephoto_slider_10

    Among eye doctors and technicians, sleeping in contact lenses and caring for them improperly is actually called “contact lens abuse.” And it turns out eye professionals can usually tell if you’re an abuser, no matter what you say at your eye exam, because your cornea (the outermost surface of your eye) will actually look bad.

    Here’s how it works:

    Your cornea is one of the only places in your body that doesn’t get its much-needed oxygen from blood vessels. It gets it from the air instead. When you wear soft contact lenses, a limited amount of oxygen gets to your eye, which is fine until you close those eyes for prolonged periods of time. During sleep, between those two layers (your eyelid and the lens), no oxygen gets through at all. The doctor can tell if your cornea has been starved of oxygen by looking at it under magnification – swelling and little bumps called “endothelial microcysts” are just some of the symptoms they might find.

    If these problems go on for too long, your eye will be at increased risk of eye infection and corneal ulcers (open sores on the cornea)

    Aside from being quite painful, these conditions can even get serious enough to causepermanent damage and can even lead blindness to Not cleaning your contact lenses, or using the wrong solution (or tap water) to do so, can also lead to infection and ulcers. I will address all of these things in the rules below.

    Contact lenses that don’t fit properly also present their own problems of discomfort and damage. Your eye has a unique curvature. One contact lens does not fit all eyes, which is why you need to always have a full fitting with a professional to find a brand and style that matches the shape of your eye most comfortably. Therefore:

    Rule 1: Always have a professional involved.

    Even if you don’t need prescription contact lenses, you might want them for cosmetic purposes. It could be crazy cat-eyes for Halloween, or maybe you just want to change your eye color for a day. What ever the reason or the event contacts are a medical device that by law require you to be fitted and we at Eyes on Brickell recommend you allow yourself an extra month before your costumed event and get a proper fitting from an eye doctor.

    As an additional bonus, a friendly technician or doctor will always be there to explain the proper care and use of contact lenses, such as:

    Rule 2: Don’t sleep in your contact lenses (regardless if they are designed for it.)

    Forgetting to take out your contacts might seem awfully convenient especially because you can wake up and  see and you dont have to deal with solutions etc…  However,  NO MATTER how much easier it seems Our doctors at Eyes on Brickell always recommend to all our patients never to sleep with your contacts.  Take 5 seconds and save yourself from an infection!   You simply can’t afford to let it become a permanent habit. If you find it impossible to remember no matter how hard you try (again, this was a problem I faced,) then you might need to give up on contact lenses entirely. Your eye health is more important than avoiding inconveniences.   Ladies i hate to say this but would you sleep for days with a feminine hygiene product and not expect to get health complications?  Disgusting thought right?   So why would you ever do it with your contacts?

    Rule 3: Care for your contact lenses properly.

    If you’ve gotten a proper fitting, the technician or doctor has likely already explained the need for replacing your contact lenses at regular intervals (which vary depending on brand and type) and cleaning them daily.  one of our contact lens experts, advises you to throw out your contact lens storage case at least every three months to prevent nasty things from growing there. Never use saline solution or any kind of water to store your lenses. You can use a no-rub solution to clean them, but Dr. Copty also advises you to use a gentle rub with your fingers as part of your daily care. Don’t ever reuse solution or “top it up” from your last use – always replace it completely with fresh solution.

    Rule 4: If there are problems…

    Take out your contact lenses immediately and make an appointment with your eye doctor. If you develop a red eye or itching, burning, swelling, or pain: don’t just wait for it to go away. An infection will only get worse with time. A corneal ulcer needs medical attention.  Visit us online to schedule your next appointment at or calls us directly at 305-914-0294


    The following list is the wearing schedule for the the most popular brands.

    Acuve Oasys and Acuve Oasys Astigmatism – 2 weeks

    Bioinfinity and Bioinfinity Toric – 1 month

    Air Optics – 1 month


  • Eye Care Center Near Me

    Whether you are new to the area or are simply looking for an eye exam from a qualified eye doctor, finding an eye center near you that is friendly and professional is essential to your eye health.

    Optometrists Who Accept Medicaid

    At Florida Eyecare Associates, our optometrists accept Medicaid, making eye health easier and more affordable for many of our clients. In addition to covering your annual eye exam, Medicaid also covers eye glasses, eye glass repair services, contact lenses and prosthetic eyes.

    Where Should I Go To Do An Eye Test? 

    You should always go to a qualified optometrist for your eye test in order to ensure that you receive comprehensive service that looks at every aspect of your eye health. This is important because eye conditions are difficult to detect, diagnose and treat without the correct equipment and specialist knowledge at hand.

    What Glasses Do I Need? 

    An eye exam will help determine how healthy your eyes are and your optometrist will work with you to determine if you need vision correction at all and, if so, what prescription your glasses need to be. Keep in mind that there are a few different treatments for vision correction, including eye glasses and contact lenses, so your optometrist can help advise you on which solution will work best for your lifestyle.

    Glasses Versus Contacts 

    Choosing between contact lenses and eye glasses often depends on your daily lifestyle and personal preferences. Contact lenses provide a more natural vision solution where you have complete peripheral vision, and are ideal for people with sporty or active lifestyles and people who want a very natural look. Eye glasses can be a great statement piece and are great for people who find contact lenses uncomfortable to wear, but can be difficult for people who are frustrated by issues like smudged, fogged up or scratched lenses. If you are unsure about which option will work for you, speak to your optometrist.

    Which Is Better – Optometrist Or Ophthalmologist? 

    Both optometrists and ophthalmologists are highly trained specialists who are fully qualified to take care of your visual health. Optometrists are able to perform eye exams, prescribe glasses and contact lenses, and assist with some post-operative care if you have had certain types of eye surgery. Ophthalmologists can also perform eye exams but specialize in the surgical side of eye care – diagnosing and treating eye diseases, prescribing medication and performing vision correction surgeries. For your everyday eye care, you should visit an optometrist and, if necessary, they can refer you to a recommended ophthalmologist for more specialized care if it is needed.

    Looking For A Brickell Optometrist? We Can Help!

    At Florida Eyecare Associates, we’re experts in providing specialist, friendly services for anyone looking for high quality care and affordable solutions. Our eye care specialists can assist you with your annual eye exam, contact lens and eyeglasses fittings, allergy screenings, LASIK and more. The health insurance providers we currently accept at our vision center included Medicare, Vision Service Plan (VSP), Opticare, EyeMed Vision Care and many more. To find out more about our practice, please contact us today at one of our locations.